These are some of the shows that I have worked Audio Video and Event Production…



I worked the AMD graphics corporate product announcement show at Ruby Sky in San Francisco (February 2017). I worked as Balcony Camera Operator in a four camera live broadcast. I was brought in to work by Williams Signal, to crew with Absolute Live Media, the AV Production team from Los Angeles.



I worked on the Financial Services Roundtable FINTECH Conference in San Francisco (Jan 2017), with a room full of CEOs and financial technical experts as Main Camera Operator for a live satellite broadcast for CNBC. I was called into this show by Williams Signal.

I worked AV Production at Conscious Life Expo for several years, and have produced the dance event there. I now attend the expo with Press Credentials.

I broadcast the show for the 50th Anniversary of The Human Be-In, working with Jessie Bloch on video, Michael Gosney, Digital Be-In; and Bill McCarthy, Unity Foundation.


I worked the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose recording audio in several conference rooms. We recorded over 100 speaker presentations. I worked with Richard Page, Conference Recording Systems, and brought in some sales help for the flash drive sales of the speakers.

CITD 2016_commerciallogo

I worked the Contact in the Desert show at Joshua Tree Conference Center, California specifying equipment to be used in five buildings in the venue, building the stage, and directing video in The Amphitheater, and trouble-shooting speaker’s needs and technical problems in the other four rooms that we were recording in.


I worked with Conscious Events, South Africa to set up AV Production at the Irvine Marriott, California show, hosting well-known journalist David Icke’s live presentation to 1,000 people.


I worked on setting up the AV Production at INTELSAT16, a corporate video show at the Napa Valley Marriott, California. I was hired for this show by Williams Signal.