Website Production

Domain name registration, web and mail server hosting, WordPress site installation, website design and more.

Webcasting Services

Video and audio broadcast of live events, expos and conferences.

I can create an economical, dynamically changing website for you!

I used to create old school html sites, which were great in their day. Now I recommend the newer Web 2.0 SQL database-driven websites, using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress. I install your own WordPress website on your web hosting service. Your WordPress site is expandable and easy to post images and text to, and to update on your own. I can create blogs and discussion forums for you, using open source software and plugins available. For instance, this website is created using WordPress (and it stores all the content on a MySQL database). I tie in services like merchant services or PayPal shopping carts. I add security to websites, like SSL Certification and password-protected directories. I embed Flash movies, MP4 movies, MP3 and 3GP audio on sites.

The new focus these days with websites is content, and being up-to-date, rather than an over-riding emphasis on graphic design. You may have really nice looking graphics on your web site, but if the content is not current, there is no reason for the viewer to visit the site again. The html web site design paradigm may allow for custom graphic design, but a higher skill level is required to update and add to the original web site content. The database approach allows choosing a theme (like a design skin) that is consistent throughout the web pages. The content is easily updated by logging into the database account, and creating a new page or post.

Database driven sites, based on MySQL, WordPress and other types of open source blog software, allow a non-programmer to add their articles, pages, pictures, movies, etc. themselves to their website or blog. This database strategy allows you to log into your account, and write an article, and when you are done, hit the Publish button, and it appears on your site. RSS (reader subscription service) feeds are created automatically, allowing you to receive an email when a new update has been published on the website. This type of website is a much faster, easier and more efficient strategy for putting information out there.

I also design simple, easy-to-navigate sites using Adobe GoLive, Photoshop and other applications. I can set-up your domain name registration, choose a website host and transfer your files to it to publish them on the Internet. I tie in dynamic services, like a database server, PayPal or an e-commerce solution. I offer an inexpensive way to put your website up quickly and easily, and enable YOU to update it with new content!

– Ed Ellsworth

Here are some website projects I produced:

A Fall From Freedom

Odysee TV

EarthViews Productions

Turneffe Preservation

Rescued in LA

Body Mind Morphing

Raw Spirit Festival and Bliss Camp

Maui Retreat

Kahua Records

IM 1 Light

Norstar Unlimited

Circle of Light – David Robinette

John Mizelle –

The Institute for Democracy and Election Integrity

Hale Akua Garden Farm

Pali Uli Gardens


Old Manali

Happy Medium Productions

Slack Key Guitar

International Medcom

Geiger Counter Bulletin

Fukushima Green Action Japan

Web designer and creator of The Dolphin Trail.

Web designer for Hale Akua Garden Farm.

Web designer for Pali Uli Gardens.

Web designer for Peter Wallerstein, Rescued In LA.

Web designer for Maree Wong, Jewelry Designer.

Black Rock City LLC Network Administrator, various technical teams.

Network Administrator for Center for Citizen Initiatives.

Website administrator for Celebrations of Love.

Technology Director and website admin for Clear Case Legal.

Web designer for Citizens for Wireless Technology Impacts.

Web designer for Chaksampa, a Tibetan opera and dance company.

Developed online video testimonials for Center for Non-Violent Communication.

Web consultant of David Ray Griffin site for Ken Jenkins.

Web designer for Donna Hale and the Insite/Out Retreats.

Web designer and video report to Congress for Citizens for Wireless Technology Impacts.

Web designer and producer of Enlightened Films.

Web designer for Eva Lindberg. evadeva,com

Web designer for The Farallon Islands.

Web designer for Friends of Belize Humane Society.

Web designer for Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht’s sports medicine site.

Web designer for Charles Harman.

Web designer for Johanna Massage Therapy.

Web designer for Kim Weichel’s site.

Knowledgebase contributor – Mark/Space, Inc. (Missing Sync for Palm OS, Missing Sync for Windows Mobile)

Web designer for Elizabeth Kelley.

Web designer for Eva Lindberg family. murkipurki,com

Web designer for EarthViews Productions.

Web designer for Chuck Jessen, of PreFabAds.

Web designer for Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg. profmagnesium,com

Web designer for Gaia – River Guidess, Gail Orchier.

Web designer for San Francisco Medical Research Foundation.

Web designer for Global Peace foundation.

Web designer for The Light Party.

Web designer for Karen LaPuma, astrologer and writer.

Web designer for Lori Grace, Sunrise Center.

Web designer for Tulip Kingdom.

Web designer for Tulip Love book.

Web designer for Tulip Temple.

Webmaster for United Nations Association of San Francisco.

Posted many MP4 movies on Google Video, and embedded the code into websites.

Web designer for Voice of the Environent.

Web designer for V.O.T.E. Action Committee.

Web designer for Zabit.

Websites created (but are no longer current)

Web designer for Geralyn Gendreau, The Awakened Lover site.

Web designer for Crystal Skull Foundation.

Webmaster/Network Administrator Directory for the Golden Gate National Park

Web designer for Austin Therber, site co-producer of The Enlightened Society.