Edward I. Ellsworth

CEO, Producer, Enlightened Films – Tiburon, CA (2015 – present)
I started this California S-corporation production company in 2015. I produce shows, videos and websites for clients. My AV production services include Long Lens Camera Ops, video projection, video editing, compositing, graphics, and live streaming. In my AV production projects, I have worked with AVC Anton Video Concepts, Williams Signal, Four Moon Productions, Webb Productions and Alleanza Associates/LRM on various shows. I have worked AV Production for Facebook GPS (Palace of Fine Arts), Internet Of Things World (Santa Clara Convention Center), Zoomtopia (San Mateo County Event Center), Bhakti Fest (Joshua Tree Conference Center), David Icke Worldwide Wake Up Tour (Conscious Media – Irvine Marriott), H2O AI (The Computer History Museum), Intelsat16 (Napa Marriott), Pulse ’16 and Pulse ’17 (Oakland Convention Center), OpenTalk (Regency), Bank of America GBAM17 (Ritz Carlton), The Geneva Association (Ritz Carlton), Contact in the Desert (Joshua Tree Conference Center), The 50th Anniversary of the Human Be-In, Conscious Life Expo, New Living Expo, and Sunrise Center.

Independent Producer – Tiburon, CA (2012 – 2015)
I created video and websites for corporations and for individual clients. My production services included graphics, compositing, camera work, video editing, compression for the web, CD and DVD. My business management consulting projects have included Sunrise Center, Hale Akua Garden Farm, Trust Vote, Save Our Bay Save Our Ocean, Oceanic Society, Earthviews Productions, Animal Fund, OdyseeTV, A Fall From Freedom, By All Rights, Peter Wallerstein Photography and others.

Chief Operating Officer, International MedCom – Sebastopol, CA (2011)
The International MedCom CEO asked me to step in and help out when the COO of the company became incapacitated by stress after the Fukushima nuclear accident. This company builds geiger counters that detect radiation, so they were an essential tool needed in Japan after the nuclear accident. I helped put International MedCom back together in a new location, working in all areas of top management and was able to ship $3 million of geiger counters within a few months to Japan. I set up Windows NT Server 2008 and a network of PCs and Macs. I installed and supported Quickbooks Enterprise Multiuser. I handled product sales, restructured vendor purchases and financial transactions to manage the cash flow better. I set up and managed email, websites and other IT services. International MedCom supplied the geiger counters for SafeCast, the private radiation network in Japan.

Independent Consultant – Tiburon, CA (2006 – 2010)
I created websites, video and DVD projects for corporations and for individual clients. I also did Mac and Windows computer consulting, network administration, website development, database websites, teaching, advising, hardware and software trouble-shooting. My production services included graphics, compositing, camera work, video editing, compression for the web, CD and DVD. Clients included NASA, National Geographic Society, International Forum on Globalization, United Nations Association, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Presidio Alliance, Resource Renewal Institute, 3220, Washington Research Institute, H. S. Dakin Company, Spirit At Work, WhaleSong, Concentric Media, Magnetic Image, Digit, Royal Weddings, California Video, Global Peace Foundation, Fiske Video, Smart Life Forums, Voice of the Environment, Kahua Hawaiian Institute, Margot Anand Productions, Sound Photosynthesis, Video Tracs, PlanetWorks, EarthDance, Bioneers, PreFabAds, PC Staffing (Marin Country Day School technical support) and others.

QA/Technical Support – Mark/Space, Los Gatos, CA (Mar 05 – Aug 06)
Support Mac software for syncing with handheld devices via USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. Email support answers to customers in Sales and Support queues, and beta test software on Smartphones, Pocket PCs, Palm OS devices, and hiptops (T-Mobile SideKick II). Work on Cerberus trouble ticket system, write KnowledgeBase web articles, find customer records in Order Manager and BOSS, log test results Test Track databases, built Filemaker and support databases. Test and synchronize contacts, calendars, tasks, photos, music and movies to various handheld devices.

Mac Lab Manager – Dominican University, San Rafael, CA (Apr 03 – Jan 04)
I managed the Mac Lab at Dominican University for the Broadcast and Digital Arts Departments, and performed desktop support for instructors and students. I supported students doing Final Cut Pro and modeling projects. I upgraded the lab from Mac OS 9 to OS X, installed and maintained software applications, set up computer budgets, set up a server, checked out audio and video equipment, wrote documentation for the lab.

Network Administrator – Center For Citizen Initiatives, San Francisco, CA (2001 – 02)
Management of local area network, database / website / server administration (MacOS 9 AppleShare IP and MacOS X Apple Server), training, hardware and software support. Support of Russian Cyrillic fonts and document conversion. Network Retrospect backup to tape, intranet and desktop user support.

Technical Support – Black Rock City LLC / Burning Man, San Francisco, CA (1999 – 2001)
I did technical support work for the company that runs the Burning Man event. I did desktop and local area network support, database, website administration, Retrospect backup to tape. Editing, audio/video production, compression for the web, live web streaming, event support, media production and other services.

Network Administrator – Whole Life Expo, San Rafael, CA (1998 – 99)
I managed the management of the T-1, DSL and local area network, hardware and software support, and website support. I performed audio/video production, video editing, compression for the web, event support, media production and other services.

President, Producer – Media Wizards, Inc., Maui Research & Technology Center, Kihei, Hawaii (Aug 95 – Dec 97)
I founded Media Wizards, Inc. digital audio/video production studio and website design company. I produced commercials for cable broadcast, video for features and Web design projects. I managed and created video programs, CD-ROM, website, and 3D animation production projects. My clients included Greenpeace Hawaii, Atlantis Submarines, Whale Museum, and cable video production. I worked with the Maui Visitors Bureau with the Let’s Get Mauied video. I worked with the US Navy – we did a documentary called Protective Works, on the $400 million cleanup of ordinance on Kahoolawe.

Vice President, R & D – Digital Resource Corporation, Maui Research & Technology Center, Kihei, Hawaii (Dec 93 – Jul 95)
I helped start up this multimedia company as VP of R&D. I was responsible for product creation, production management, programming and training. I developed all creative projects, including several touchscreen computer kiosks and interactive educational CD-ROM titles.

Independent Consultant – Kihei, Hawaii (Jul 92 – Nov 93)
Consulting, hardware and software services and training on Macs and PCs. Programmed Grant Writing Tutorial 1.1 (Mac/Windows) Patricia Rife & Associates. Developed computer kiosks for the Whale Museum of the Pacific, and consulted with other clients including the Maui Board of Realtors, Linx Systems, MacConcepts, ComputerLand, Media Systems. I was also a humpback whale naturalist working on boats for EarthTrust.

Computer Consultant – Versicherungs Treuhand Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland (Jan 92 – May 92)
I was recruited from California to work in Switzerland on a Solar Policy. I consulted with VTZ, a money management firm in Europe to set up a computer graphics department, purchase computer and presentation equipment; and hire and train staff. I brought over one of the first German language Macs to set up their production department. I produced multimedia presentations and artwork for computer-based demos, publications, press conferences, and investors. I created presentations of solar technology and financial graphs for stockholder meetings.

Computer Technician – Whole Earth Access/Connecting Point, San Rafael, CA (Feb 91 – Dec 91)
Performed computer repair, upgrades, software installation, and on-site consultation (Macintosh, IBM and Compaq). Put together graphics workstations for Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic (for Terminator movie), a major client that purchased over $1 million in computer equipment.

Computer Technician – ARC/ Electronic Data Systems (EDS), San Ramon, CA (Oct 90 – Jan 91)
Performed a multi-million dollar computer installation for Chevron, including upgrades of 8088’s to 80386 computers. Set up hundreds of Dell PC-compatibles and Macintosh computers, and networked them to an IBM mainframe and electronic mail PROFS network.

Independent Consultant – Washington Research Institute, San Francisco, CA (Dec 89 – Oct 90)
Supported nonprofit organizations using audio/visual resources, typesetting and training with Macs and PCs in a desktop publishing and communications network. Worked with Apple Multimedia Developers, Department of Commerce briefings on import/export with the Soviets, joint ventures, satellite and video conferences, and other technical support.

President – Pinnacle Type, San Francisco, CA (Oct 87 – Dec 89)
Established this company and developed typesetting sales of $40,000 a month. Structured and administered the business, purchased equipment, performed marketing, hired and trained staff, directed sales force and set up a BBS remote computer file collection service.

Marketing Consultant – Grapevine Communications, Redwood City, CA (Jan 86 – Sep 86)
Marketing and support for UNIX Communications and Data Base Accounting software for multi-user computers. Designed and developed a desktop publishing service called Design Net; and Board Link, a computer conferencing system for Board of Director’s meetings.

CEO, Government Contractor – Network Nexus, Belmont, CA (Apr 84 – Dec 85)
Consulting, sale and support of multi-user computers. Clients included NASA, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Created conferencing systems, telex and e-mail on packet-switching networks. Sponsored one of the first public electronic conferences (“Information Access in the Future”).

Assistant Manager – Computerland, Belmont, CA (Apr 83 – Apr 84)
Managed purchasing of computer products and corporate sales. Sold up to $100,000 of computers a month (Apple, DEC, IBM and Compaq).

Director of Public Relations – Passport Designs, Half Moon Bay, CA (Jan 81 – Dec 83)
Worked in public relations and marketing. Represented the company at trade shows.

1980 – 84 San Francisco State University
(Masters Program, Research Psychology)
1972 – 79 California State University, Long Beach
(BA Psychology, double major in Folklore/Mythology)
1974 – 76 Cypress College
(Associate Science, Psychiatric Technician Certification)