The Human Be-In

Flash back to 1990: I remember the Digital Be-In event with Michael Gosney in San Francisco, I was there showing some dolphin and whale animations on an early Macintosh. Then, some Swiss Bankers asked me to work on their Stirling Engine Solar Project in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ed Ellsworth and Jil Love

Flash forward to 2017: For the 50th Anniversary of the Human Be-In, I worked with Michael Gosney of Digital Be-In,  and Bill McCarthy of The Unity Foundation to broadcast the historic show to a larger audience. I supplied the equipment and expertise to broadcast the live video program to, and Facebook.



Ed Ellsworth broadcasting with Wirecast at the Human Be-In

For this epic show, Jessie Bloch directed a three camera HD video shoot. I took their SDI video output and the sound board audio to be digitzed with a BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder, attached by Thunderbolt cable to my MacBook Pro Retina. I used the Wirecast app to upload the video to YouTube Live Streaming Channel, and display the broadcast on The Human Be-In full program is available for viewing here…


Wavy Gravy and Ed Ellsworth