Bhakti Fest

The 2017 Bhakti Fest team came together at Joshua Tree Conference Center, and built an Amphitheater and stage. Metal frames for the projection screens were raised up high, on each side of the stage. Each projection screen was to the left and right of the stage, and received video camera images from Brewster and others, and animated images of deities and sacred geometries from Daniel Sitaram streamed to the NEC projectors from the camera platform. The video projectors rear-projected the separate video steams.

The six camera team was led by Spelman Downing. I digitized the camera mix with an AJA unit that takes HDMI video and converts it to data over Ethernet. Two separate 150 foot Ethernet cables carried the video data to the NEC rear mounted projectors on each side of the stage. I also digitized the camera feed and streamed it to Facebook Live, using a MacBook Pro Retina with a Magewell USB video digitizer and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), to an Ubiquity Bridge to a cable modem. During the performance, I had to use varying internet networks to maintain the video stream. The ISPs sometimes had internet outages due to the remote location and the storm.

Because of the storm, we also had to quickly move the Main Stage act (Krishna Das) to an indoor hall. The Sanctuary could only hold one thousand people, so we needed to provide video to an over-flow room. We used my Panasonic GH4 and MacBook Pro Retina to record Krishna Das, to stream the performance to the other hall and to Facebook Live.