Production: The Digital Studio

macbookprostudio1Technology . . . Ed understands it!

I enjoy sharing mysteries and insights about technology with the cultural creative media creators. We are the producers, the directors, the artists, the writers, the talent, and the appreciative audience. We are the ones we are waiting for!

If you are planning to make a computer or video purchase, and need advice, contact me. If you need video to be shot and edited, and distributed on DVD or the web, give me a call. I create websites for companies, nonprofits and individuals. I design websites that have custom software like blogs and discussion forums, place embedded movies, and shopping carts.

I am a computer and video consultant, and often work with video producers that need to understand the technology better. I have been a technical director for live events, like on stage at Yuri’s Night, at NASA Moffett Field. I have worked with computers and video, and  all kinds of technology for over 20 years. I am available to work with small to large projects, and for good causes.


Ed Ellsworth