Mac and PC Merge

The Mac and PC Merge

macbookprostudio2by mystered on Mar.02, 2009

One of the deciding factors to jump into the newer Intel Macs is the ability to use VMware or Parallels Desktop as a Virtual Machine and install Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows applications. These programs allow the user to run Mac OS and run Windows applications concurrently. This allows you to have both Mac programs and PC programs open on the same computer, without rebooting into Windows or Mac OS.

If virtually emulating Windows is not fast enough for you, Boot Camp is the answer. This Apple utility allows you to partition the Mac OS space and install Windows. When starting the computer, by holding the option key, you can choose which operating system you are booting up to. When booting to Windows, the MacBook Pro performs just like its conterparts in the PC world.

Basically, the MacBook or MacBook Pro can be two computers in one. The laptop can run Leopard OS or Windows Vista (or Windows XP), so it may be the most versatile mobile computer available. Yes, I can help with this, and maybe add a larger internal hard drive too.