Technical Director

I can help you if you need someone to take charge of your live event, expo or conference and make sure it happens technically.

Video Production

Video camera work, lighting, audio recording, editing, and production services.

Media Services

VHS tape transfer to DVD, convert video and upload for YouTube, Vimeo.

Webcast Services

Video broadcast of live events, expos and conferences.

Website Production

Domain name, web and mail server hosting, WordPress site installation.

Webcast Services: Video broadcast of live events, expos and conferences

Video Production: Video camera, audio recording, editing, and production services

Media Services: VHS tape transfer to DVD, YouTube, Vimeo

Websites Production: Domain name, web and mail server hosting, WordPress site installation

Nonprofit Focus: Chaksampa Green Action Japan

Macworld is Coming

Macworld is coming to San Francisco next week. I will be writing reports from the exhibit  hall floor and posting them on my new web site I recommend that you get an exhibit hall pass and take a look around, even though the Apple company no longer participates in Macworld, after years of being an anchor exhibitor. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, stated that he would rather put the resources into Apple retail stores, and the sales and training support that would be available there for their customers. Apple has since opened over 300 stores world-wide.

We have come a long way, baby. (The picture is an original Apple computer prototype)

Since Apple moved from PPC architecture to Intel architecture, Macs and PCs have become more and more alike. Did you know that you can install Windows on a Macintosh computer? Using the Mac OS Boot Camp utility, you can install Windows 7 or Windows XP on a partition of the Mac hard disk. You can even use the Mac OS and Windows OS concurrently, with the aid of Parallels Desktop or VMware virtualization software.

Announcing, a network for those that bridge the two worlds of Macintosh and Windows. There are articles about performance upgrades and the latest in computer support, including migrating from Windows to Macintosh.

Ram Dass announces Be Love Now

Ed and Ram Dass at Studio Maui remembering times with John Lilly, and the first time he swam with Rosalie the dolphin.

Ram Dass told the story of his first book Be Here Now, which included his travel to India, and meeting his guru. Ram Dass announced the release of his new book Be Love Now.

Sunday Satsang with Ram Dass
October 31, 3-6 pm

Lei’ohu Ryder and Saul David Raye join Ram Dass for an afternoon of music, singing,meditation, contemplation, insights, conversation, laughs and potluck prasad. Lei’ohu Ryder is a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, singer/songwriter and education on Maui. Her work has been recognized by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Peace Corps and the United Nations. Saul David Raye is known for his empowering and transformational approach to yoga, healing, and spirituality. His unique teaching style brings alive the holistic nature of healing in a way that is simple, powerful, and accessible, allowing people to connect more deeply with their own authentic power and spirit. As a musician, he leads deeply moving devotional chanting. Bring a Friend, Bring a Dish, Bring Aloha

Hear Saul Click Here
Hear Lei’ohu Click Here
For More About Ram Dass Click Here

A Benefit for Studio Maui

A Call for Help – A Benefit for Studio Maui – Sunday October 17, 5-8 pm. This is the moment to gather our hearts and our resources to support the continuation of Studio Maui. To read a personal message from Pierpaolo with more details. Click Here

Maui and Damanhur Connection

Here on Maui, we are having a week of Damanhur events. We started off with a Damanhurian Activation event at the Temple of Peace, then had the second pillar of activation at Blue Mountain’s Earth Temple. This week there are workshops, individual selfic healing and other sessions at the Dharma Center, in Huelo.

iPad Considerations

I didn’t buy an iPad when they first came out. I am usually an early adopter of technology, but I found it disturbing that Steve Jobs wouldn’t support Flash on the iPad.  Jobs’ assertion that Adobe Flash was not supported on the iPad was almost a deal-breaker.  He said it was because Flash video is not efficient and would use up CPU time and consume battery life faster. Incredibly, the iPad power lasts about 11 hours and 28 minutes. That seems pretty efficient to me.  Steve Jobs proclamation seems like a bullying tactic to drive people to buy and download media from the iTunes and iBooks store, rather that use Flash media on the iPad. Why not let the market decide? Because the media business is bigger than the hardware business. Apple wants to sell us razor blades, and the razors too (figuratively speaking).

The iPad is not a laptop, but you can fill it up with media from your Mac or PC. The iPad is more convenient for consuming media like books, music, video, photos, web browsing and e-mail . Manipulating media directly by touching the screen interface is a satisfying user experience. While it has compromises and drawbacks, an iPad that has been synchronized with your main computer can replace a laptop for most data communications on a short trip or in another room.

So far, so good. I got the 64 GB iPad version, Xentris Wireless clear snap on cover, and Belkin case. I chose the WiFi model, rather than the 3G version, partly because I have been more depressed, than impressed by AT&T’s network. I have used it with all the various models of the iPhone, including the 3G version. Also, because I am looking at Sprint’s 4G network, which is reported to be a hundred times faster than 3G speeds.

I like that all the iPhone applications synced over to the iPad, and that there is a 2X button that fills the screen from the smaller format. I am writing this article on the included Notes application, on the virtual pop-up keyboard. It is quite usable, but is more suited for a hunt-and-peck style, rather than two handed typing. Working with my Notes worked better after syncing with the MacBook Pro, allowing editing with a real keyboard. External Blu-tooth products are available though, like the Apple Blu-tooth keyboard.

The USB cable will not charge the iPad. The included power adapter is required for the higher wattage requirements. The USB cable is only used for syncing with iTunes on your main computer.

The Safari browser on the iPad works with some of the websites that I work with, but does not display or play movies that are encapsulated with a Flash player. Some password screens are not supported, and I have had other quirky experiences that make me shift back to my MacBook Pro when I have to do real work to do. Apple has separated the movie function from the iPod application, and provided a separate Videos application. Custom iPad applications for Netflix and ABC Player to view the videos I like to watch helped win me over. Also, WordPress, PayPal, Facebook, Google Earth, Mobile Files, SplashID, Speed Test and other apps allow a quick update while on the iPad without having to go back to the Mac. There are also several photo editing apps and games from the iPhone that work fine on the iPad.

Overall, I am happy with my iPad purchase, and would recommend it for others.

Understanding Deep Politics

Revealing the Driving Forces Behind World Events and Creating Alternative Solutions

Discover the Deeper Roots of Our Current Crises

In one packed weekend, Understanding Deep Politics will bring together ten distinguished speakers and hundreds of concerned citizens like you for the purpose of challenging the mainstream perceptions of political reality and to reveal the hidden forces behind many widely accepted historical and current events. Our speakers will draw upon many decades of research to help you connect the dots that are pointing us towards an Orwellian police state—indeed, to a much darker future than most citizens can even imagine. Our wide-ranging roster of presenters, including David Ray Griffin, Jim Marrs and Ellen Brown, will delve into the roots of our current crises and the dynamics driving despotic governance, financial plunder, imperialism, loss of civil liberties, and assaults on public health. Further, they will explore how such vital insights are continually being suppressed as they expose the media matrix that obscures these facts and stupefies our culture, all in the interest of protecting a malignant status quo.

Understanding Deep Politics was held May 14 – 16, 2010 at the University Inn and Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA. I video streamed the conference, and have posted the videos for viewing at Enlightened Films.